On-Board Battery Charger EPC 2436 850W

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EPC series charger is a highly reliable and cost-effective charger, which can match lead-acid (FLOOD, AGM, gel) batteries and lithium-ion batteries, and can be assembled on-board and off-board fixed mode, with CAN BUS, and customized charging curve according to customer needs.Increasing the USB data memory function, users can update the upgrade programme, change the charging curve, download the charging record and other functions with a USB disk through the USB port. Applications includes: scissor lifts, golf cars,sightseeing cars, cleaning equipment etc.

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On-Board Battery Charger EPC 2436 900W (2)

  High Voltage Protection up to 420Vac

 High Power Charging(Up to 36A output)

 IP66 Aluminium Extrusion Case (Durable & Robust)

 CAN BUS Communication Function

 Smart Battery Button

▒ Preset Multiple Charging Curves

 Intelligent Charging Control (Enhance Battery Protection)

▒ Digital Display (Showing status & error code)

Technical Parameters

AC Input Wide Voltage


High Voltage Protection Voltage


AC Input Frequency






Protection Level


Working Temperature




Net Weight


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Industrial Car Battery Charger

The EPC Series Charger is a reliable and affordable charging solution designed for use with lead-acid (FLOOD, AGM, GEL) and lithium-ion batteries. It can be easily installed in a fixed manner on or outside the vehicle, and also supports CAN BUS integration for added convenience. One of the key features of the EPC Series chargers is their flexibility, allowing users to tailor the charging curve to their specific needs. This ensures optimal charging performance and extends battery life. The charger also has a USB data storage function. Users can use a USB flash drive to update software, modify charging curves, download charging records, etc. through the USB port. This feature adds convenience and flexibility to the charging process. EPC series chargers are widely used in scissor lifts, golf carts, sightseeing cars, cleaning equipment and other industries. Its versatility and reliability make it a popular choice for this type of equipment.

High Reliability

Engineering design based, each set has been strictly tested, waterproof grade up to IP66.


The whole system is equipped with high and low voltage protection function as standard, the minimum protection voltage can be up to 80V, the maximum protection voltage can be up to 420V(charging voltage range 85-265V).

CAN BUS Communication

CAN BUS communication, it can be seamlessly integrated with control system, to achieve data transmission and control.

Customization Curve

The charging curve of batteries can be customized according to the customer's requirements, in order to achieve best matching requirements. 

Digital Display

View charging status on the LED display ,and easily change charging curve with the push-button.

USB Data Memory Function

Users can update the upgrade programme, change the charging curve, download the charging record and other functions with a USB disk through the USB port.

EPC 2436 Specifications:

EPC 2436 Specifications: On-Board Battery Charger EPC 2436 900W (1)
DC Output 24V36A
Maximum DC Output Voltage 34V
Maximum DC Output Current 36A
Maximum Output Power 850W
Minimum Starting Voltage 3V
Maximum Locking Current 15A
Applicable Battery Type Lead acid (flood, AGM, GEL), Lithium ion Product Characteristics
Reverse Polarity Protection YES 1. The charger is equipped with a CAN BUS interface, which enables the transmission of important operational data to the control system. Additionally, you can easily switch between different charging curves, such as the repair mode curve, by simply pressing a button on the charger.3. Digital indicator: It can display the AC voltage, battery voltage, charging current, and charging capacity.

4. Anti-burst proctection: It can be in protection of up to 420V AC voltage without damage.

5. The USB data storage feature provides easy access to various functions via USB disk. Users can easily update software, customize charging settings, retrieve charging records, and enjoy other features using the USB port.

6. IP66 protection.

7. Speaker voice alert (optional), voice alert for low battery voltage feed.

Short Circuit Protection YES
CAB Communication YES
Voice Reminder Optional 
AC Input
AC Input Voltage Range 85V-265V
Nominal AC Input Voltage 100-240VAC
Nominal AC Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Maximum AC Input Current 12A
Power Factor > 0.99 under heavy load    
Regulatory Dimension
Efficiency MAX 94% On-Board Battery Charger EPC 2436 900W (4)
Safety CE ,CB , ETL ,KC
Mechanical logo_icon
Dimensions 200×180×135mm
Weight 4.7KG
AC Input Connector IEC320-C14
DC Output Connector M8 red and black wire with ears
Cooling Natural heat dissipation Tel: +86-769-89797540Web: www.eaypower.comE-mail: kevin.wang@eaypower.com

Address: Room1304, Unit1, Building 3, No.13, Tianxing Road,Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

Operating Temperature -30℃-+65℃(the power will be reduced if the internal temperature of the machine is too high)
Storage Temperature -40℃-+70℃
For more information,please visit www.eaypower.com      


Benefit from over 30 years of engineering innovation, quality and product performance with EayPower’s battery chargers, the solution of choice for tier one OEMs.
Application includes: Aerial Work Platforms, Golf Carts, Sightseeing Vehicles, Cleaning Equipment, Electric Forklifts, New Energy Vehicles etc.


Certificate & Patent

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