Safety measures for battery charging

What are the safety measures and charging methods for industrial vehicle (including scissor lifts, forklift, boom lifts, golf carts and so on)battery charging?

For the current new energy lithium electric charging industrial vehicles, extending the life and performance of the battery is a problem that cannot be ignored during use. A battery that is overcharged or almost undercharged will shorten its service life and also affect its performance.

The "Eaypower" brand of battery chargers provides you with detailed information on the safety precautions that must be observed during industrial battery charging operations:

There are many safety precautions that need to be observed when charging lithium batteries, and these precautions are essential to ensure the safety of workers charging the batteries and to prevent damage to the batteries and charging equipment.When batteries or charging equipment are damaged or malfunction, the presence of electrical current and flammable toxic chemicals in the batteries poses a safety hazard not only to the individual, but to the entire operation site. To maximize safety when charging batteries, we recommend observing the following safety precautions:

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1.Before the industrial truck starts charging, it should be firmly parked in a safe position. (Parking on slopes or in areas with water is prohibited)

2.All battery compartment covers must remain open to eliminate any gas buildup from the charging process.

3.When charging batteries, the building must be properly ventilated to ensure that any gases generated during the charging process can be safely dissipated.

4.All charging components must be in good working order and connectors need to be checked for damage or rupture before charging. Only trained and authorized personnel should charge and replace batteries as they can quickly identify potential problems and take the correct remedial action.

5.Provide personal protective equipment at the charging site to mitigate injuries to staff in the event of a safety incident.

6.Staff must observe the following rules: No smoking, No open flames or sparks, No use of flammable materials and No metal objects that produce sparks.

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Post time: Nov-22-2023