How to maintain your machine’s battery during use

The basic principle of a battery charger is to meet the charging needs of different types of batteries by adjusting the output voltage and current. So, taking lithium batteries as an example, how should we maintain the battery and increase its service life when charging the machine?
Lithium battery maintenance:
1. Since lithium batteries are non-memory batteries, it is recommended that customers charge or recharge the batteries regularly after each use, which will greatly extend the service life of the battery pack. And do not charge the battery pack until it can no longer discharge its power every time. It is not recommended to discharge more than 90% of the battery pack capacity. When the electric vehicle is in a stationary state and the undervoltage indicator light on the electric vehicle lights up, it needs to be charged in time.
2. The battery pack capacity is measured at normal temperature of 25°C. Therefore, in winter, it is considered normal for the battery capacity to be exerted and the working time to be slightly reduced. When using it in winter, try to charge the battery pack in a place with a higher ambient temperature to ensure that the battery pack can be fully charged.
3. When the electric vehicle is not in use or parked, it is recommended to unplug the battery pack from the electric vehicle or turn off the power lock. Because the motor and controller consume power under no-load conditions, this can avoid wasting power.
4.The battery should be placed away from water and fire sources and kept dry. In summer, batteries should be kept away from direct sunlight.
Special reminder: Do not unpack, modify, or destroy the battery without authorization; it is strictly prohibited to use the battery on mismatched electric vehicle models.


Post time: Jan-31-2024