Aluminum alloy – a good choice of battery charger shell material

In the past, most battery chargers were made of plastic, which is lower in cost than metal and can greatly reduce product costs. However, plastic material also has many disadvantages: poor durability, easy to be affected by the external environment and aging, deformation, rupture, etc., short service life; Long cooling time, poor safety; and once the plastic charger housing is damaged, it cannot be reused and needs to be replaced. Based on this, the charger made of aluminum alloy is chosen by more and more people with its excellent characteristics.

1. High durability: The charger shell made of aluminum alloy has good compression resistance, drop resistance and good high temperature corrosion resistance.The main advantage of aluminum alloy material is fire and moisture resistance, which makes aluminum alloy products can reduce the loss in the event of a fire, also suitable for use in humid environment.

2. Good heat dissipation: compared with plastic and glass, aluminum alloy has higher thermal conductivity, so it has better heat dissipation function, which can avoid overheating of the charger when charging in a high temperature environment, and ensure the safety of the product.

3. Improve product texture: Aluminum alloy material is easy to be processed, and the shell can improve product texture after treatment, so that the product is higher grade.

4.Environmentally friendly: Aluminum has a low melting point, is easy to regenerate, and is non-polluting when disposed of, which is conducive to environmental protection and in line with the sustainable development strategy.

Whether it is aluminum alloy shell or plastic shell, they have their own advantages, and also meet the needs of different needs of people, consumers should choose according to their own needs. If you pay more attention to the heat dissipation effect and service life when buying a battery charger, then the aluminum alloy charger will be more suitable for you. If you pay more attention to factors such as price, and do not care too much about life and heat dissipation performance, then the plastic charger can meet your needs.

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Post time: Dec-08-2023